INTRASOFT International has implemented and is supporting the PROFITS® Core Banking System for Pancreta Bank in Greece, since 2012.

PROFITS® the integrated, robust Core Banking solution has helped Pancreta to increase levels of business resilience, to improve its competitive advantage and operational efficiency, supporting its transformation from a Cooperative Bank into a public limited company and utilizing a full-blown functionality such as:

  • Customer & Product Management
  • Deposits & Bills
  • Collections & Third-Party Payments
  • Loans & Collaterals
  • Agreements & Credit Limits
  • Funds Transfers & Foreign Exchange
  • Middleware Gateway for Web Banking Channels
  • Back Office Treasury & FX Money Market Deals
  • General Ledger/Accounting Rules
  • User Security & Authorizations
  • DIAS & ATM Interfaces
  • Letters of Guarantee
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Teller & Branch Support